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The 4 qualities of the perfect Mother’s Day gift

By Aura | March 28, 2022

The annual search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift can feel daunting. How could even the most charming inanimate object ever be a sufficient “thank you” for the gift of life? 

It can be challenging to shop for a mom who already has everything — and even more so for a mom who insists she doesn’t want anything. A gift card could be useful, but it’s also impersonal. A bracelet may be elegant, but it’s not exactly practical. We’re tasked with finding a gift that pleases the eyes, carries meaning, and can be put to good use rather than collecting dust.  So how do we know when we’ve found the perfect gift for a mom who has given us so much? 

It tells Mom how much she means to you

The most important element of any gift is its sentiment. The ideal Mother’s Day gift tells Mom that you cherish your memories together and look forward to sharing new ones.

A digital picture frame combines the nostalgia that means so much to Mom with the innovation that connects her to you. Her gift will spring to life with shared memories preloaded and frequently updated by you and even your grumpiest siblings in the Aura app. As you build your family photo collection, Mom can see through her grandkids’ eyes of wonder, travel with your spirit of adventure, and revisit her own most joyful moments (and, let’s face it, your most embarrassing ones). A smart picture frame can bring your family — not just you and Mom, but also brothers, sisters, and grandkids — together to collaborate in telling your collective story. 

It brings the family together

These days, the greatest gift we can give — to the plugged-in Gen-Z kids, the beloved baby boomers, and ourselves — is the gift of convenient connection. We’ve seen how smartphone functions like FaceTime and social networks can make connection a little easier, and smart frame functions can do the same (yes, even for Mom).  You can make it even easier for your ever-so-slightly  “out of touch” mom to stay in touch with the people she loves by preloading her gift with memories and even presetting her smart frame with Wi-Fi. Your whole family can stay connected across geographical and generational gaps by seamlessly adding pictures from phone to frame through the Aura app, or through the computer via email or secure upload. You can instantly frame photos from anywhere and invite your favorite people to share. And with no storage limit or subscription fees, you can freely share limitless memories without a memory card. 

It's style with substance

Gifting is an exercise in empathy. Our Mother’s Day mission is to channel our inner Mom and choose a style that prompts her to exclaim, “You know me so well!”

Aura frames are designed to be worthy of the personal memories they hold, whether she’s a modernist (the Carver Luxe in Sea Salt), traditionalist (the Mason Luxe in Pebble), or pet enthusiast (the Buddy in Biscuit). Of course, style without substance is like a frame without a photo. An Aura frame can hold unlimited photos, each enlivened with vibrant color and brightness to catch Mom’s eye. Thoughtful wrapping can create immediate visual impact before Mom even opens her gift. Aura can do the thinking for you by sealing Mom’s digital photo frame in a beautiful gift box, before delivering it to your doorstep or directly to hers. 

It's a gift that keeps on giving

A Mother’s Day gift that is stylish, useful, and meaningful scores the winning trifecta. But the ultimate question is whether Mom will admire it for an afternoon before exiling it to the darkest depths of her closet, or whether the gift will keep giving.

Mom can proudly display her smart frame right on the mantle, where she can actually enjoy memories old and new. She can celebrate family milestones from anywhere and delight in the mundane moments that mean the most. She can enjoy these memories for years to come, without worrying about the wear and tear that can distort printed photos. And, in true mom fashion, she can show them all off to her houseguests. Long after Mother’s Day, a digital picture frame makes the old new, again and again. 

The old cliche says a picture is worth a thousand words. No single gift can be equal to all mom has given you, but an Aura frame shows her that your family's story is worth 10,000 pictures and counting.