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Meet Aura's Customer Care Team

By Aura | January 24, 2023

Welcome to Aura Customer Care 

At Aura, we treat customers like our own loved ones..

Any questions that come up with a customer we make sure to address the solution in a respectful and timely manner, like we would do with family. We genuinely love our frames, and we know you will too!

Our Customer Care team is ready to assist you with absolutely anything related to your Aura frame, from setup and sharing to gifting and more. If our intelligent chat bot cannot answer your question, you can simply submit a help ticket through our online Help Center. 

Here To Make Your Experience Picture Perfect

Our goal is for every single customer to love their Aura frame. Should you ever have a question or a problem with your product, our Customer Care team is here to help!

Get to know our global Customer Care Specialists from all over the world:


VP of Customer Experience. Lisa is located in San Francisco and is in charge of continuously improving the experiences that we offer to our customers world wide. 


Customer Experience Specialist. Matt has been with Aura since 2020 and enjoys making the customers feel good during every step of the way! 


Customer Experience Specialist. Eliza enjoys connecting and relating with customers as she helps them via email or pre-scheduled callbacks. On top of helping customers with their frames, Eliza handles parts requests and leads discussions for Aura’s DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) Committee.


Senior Customer Experience Specialist. Whitney is a crucial member to our Order Management Team as well as Project Management Team within our Customer Experience Team.


Supervisor - Customer Experience. Mark is passionate about helping our customers and currently enjoying the new adventure of being a dad. You can admire his tutorial videos in our Help Center.


Customer Experience Specialist. Amanda is a key member of  the Aura Customer Experience team and she helps out with order and warranty support. We at Aura appreciate Amanda’s dedication to the team.


Customer Experience Specialist. Meredith joined our team in the summer of 2022, and enjoys taking on new tasks while still assisting customers that need her guidance.


Customer Integration Engineer. Brian has been extremely helpful in making our internal processes more efficient for the team.


Customer Experience Specialist (UK). Adam joined Aura with a technical background and loves helping people get the best out of our products. 


Customer Experience Specialist (DN/EN). Hajar is passionate about helping people and she is assisting our customers in German and English while also enjoying taking on new tasks to improve the overall customer experience. 


Customer Experience Specialist. Laura has been with Aura since November 2021 and is assisting customers in English and German in the US and EU markets. Laura also helps out the eCommerce team by checking active promotions and she coordinates our internal translations.


Senior Customer Experience Specialist (Europe). Lowrah handles customer support requests with the mindset to put herself in the customer's shoes and to treat them as she would like to be treated. Lowrah is also a French speaker and assists with customers in Europe as well as in the US while also managing our Online Help Center, Onboarding and training our new hires.


Lead Specialist - Customer Experience (Europe). Quint has 7+ years of customer support experience and loves putting his detective hat on to get to the bottom of an issue and above all, to make sure our customers get the best possible experience. As a part of our European team, Quint speaks English and French as well as handles queries on both sides of the world.


Director of Customer Experience - International. Originally from Germany, Dorian is now located in the UK and oversees our International team and support processes. His team currently provides support in English, German and French. Dorian is also in charge of Aura’s global Privacy strategy, ensuring that our customers’ data is handled responsibly and in accordance with GDPR and CCPA. 


Customer Experience Specialist (Seasonal). Eric is a welcome new addition to the Aura team for the holiday season! Eric is ready to help customers no matter what the issue is!


Customer Experience Specialist (Seasonal). Yakira is another key holiday-season addition to the Aura team, and enjoys spreading humor and positivity to customers, especially during this time of the year.


Customer Experience Specialist (Seasonal). Ebony is another key new addition to the Aura team, and is excited to be a part of this holiday season.

Aura digital picture frame online support

Our Customer Care team is always here to help you out, but we also know that life happens fast and you may not want to wait around for a response. That’s why we created a detailed online Help Center and an integrated chatbot to help you answer any questions you have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Find answers, fast

If you want to find a solution on your own, make sure to visit our 24/7 online Help Center for FAQs and help videos for common problems. And check back regularly, because we’re always updating the Help Center based on the questions that our Customer Care team receives from our customers. Whenever we update our app or products, you’ll see those changes in the Help Center, as well.  

Need more help? Submit a ticket.

Can’t find an answer to your query in our Help Center? No problem. Simply submit a support request through our online portal. One of our Customer Care Specialists will get back to you as soon as possible, usually in less than 24 business hours. 

Remember: The more detail you include, the easier it will be for us to understand and address your query. Your account email (used to log into your app), frame serial number (found in the app’s frame settings) and screenshots and videos are particularly helpful information. 

Aura Customer Care FAQs

How do I get in touch with Customer Care?

If you’re looking for a phone number to get in contact with our Customer Care team, you won’t find one. We handle all customer queries through email.

We do this because we’ve found it’s much more efficient to resolve our customers’ problems through email. We can respond to your question or concern with videos, step-by-step instructions, or helpful screenshots. 

Communicating via email also lets us keep detailed records in one place, making it easier for both parties to refer to previous conversations. This streamlines the help process, making it quick and simple for all parties! 

But of course, if you have a complicated question that requires a phone conversation, our Customer Care team will schedule a prearranged time to contact you via phone.

How long will it take for you to get back to me?

Most of our customers hear back from a team member in less than 24 business hours. But if you’ve been waiting a little longer, don’t worry. We’ll get in contact with you soon.

We use a task management system to ensure all customer queries are logged and responded to in a timely manner. 

This system also monitors our response times, customer satisfaction scores, and a variety of other metrics to make sure you have the best experience possible with Aura digital picture frames!

What do I do if I haven’t heard back from you?

If you have submitted a request but never received a response, we recommend that you:

  • Check your folders: Look in your spam/junk folder for a response from us. Many spam filters reject messages from accounts that you haven’t emailed before. Tip:  Add to your email contacts.

  • Check your spelling: Everyone makes mistakes! Double-check that the email address that you provided didn’t contain any misspellings or other errors. 

  • Check your address: Ensure that you check the correct inbox. You may have sent the request from a different email address.

  • Check your threads: If you’ve heard from us once but haven’t gotten a second response, check the email threads. Especially if you use Gmail, email response can get hidden in existing email threads.

Customer care is our top priority at Aura. We do everything we can to ensure that your help request is resolved as quickly as possible. If you still haven’t received a response from us after 4 days, please submit a new request via the web form in our online help center.