Aura classic quartz frame

A timeless frame for your timeless memories

By Aura | April 25, 2018

Aura introduces Quartz frame

When we first started working on Aura Frames, we wanted to build a product that would make people smile, that could seamlessly bring photos from your phone into your home and into the homes of your loved ones. So we spent years infusing well-designed hardware with modern technology and software to create a beautiful and elegant frame, with an app, that you’d be proud to display in the place nearest and dearest to you. And we like to think that as a result, we’ve brought delight and happiness to families around the world.

Aura Classic Quartz Frame

We know each family has their own unique style and we want to make sure there’s a frame to match any home decor. Unlike other smart home products, an Aura frame doesn’t feel clunky or gadgety. So today, we’re adding a new Quartz frame to our premium line-up with a rich finish that will add a touch of elegance, sophistication and class to any room.

Aura Classic Quartz Frame

And it’s loaded with the same great technology and features:

  • A stunningly clear display that presents photos in vibrant clarity

  • Unlimited photo sharing for any size camera roll, without subscription fees

  • A private network for sharing special memories with loved ones, no social media required

  • Hassle-free experience without buttons to push or files to accept, just beautiful photos that appear like magic

  • Photos change at the perfect times, based on your preference and the environment so you see a different picture when you walk into the room

  • Energy conscious with an auto-dimming feature to maintain perfect brightness and an auto-sleep setting when the room gets dark

We’re always looking to improve Aura Frames and our app experience, which is why we want to share a couple updates we’ve made based on what we’ve heard from our customers.

  • Multi-frame support: For people with multiple frames linked through the app, we’ve made it easier to choose where you share your photos and albums, letting you either select specific frames or simply upload to all of them.

  • Gifting: Just in time for Mother's Day, one of the most popular occasions to gift a frame, we are adding a feature that will make your gesture even more thoughtful. You’ll be able to pre-load those photos you wish to share on on her frame, so all she’ll need to do is plug it in and the happiness will be delivered.

Take advantage of our promotions and visit our website to order a new frame today. And as a reminder, our other available premium colors are Ivory, Charcoal and our charity: water Limited Edition Seaglass.